Why use Honda Engines on your products?

Hundreds of OEMs trust Honda to power their products on thousands of products throughout the world. Why should you be one of them?

Honda's brand adds value to your product, instantly.

Honda is one of the most recognized and valued brands in America. In fact, we are consistently rated in the top 20 brands – higher than any other engine manufacturer.

When a customer sees "Honda" on your product, they immediately recognize the quality, reliability, and value. Adding Honda engines to your product instantly adds value to your product.

Honda engines are preferred by users, year after year.

Ask rental and construction workers which engines they prefer on their equipment. You'll hear "Honda" time after time. And we've got the awards to prove it.

That's why we've been consistently the #1 engine supplier to the construction and rental industry for years.

Durability. Period.

Honda sets the standard for reliable, hard-working engines. We build them with high quality components and rigorous manufacturing standards. You can trust that our engines will last, from top to bottom.

Sure, you can get another engine that costs less. But dollar for dollar, you can't find another engine that will last longer or be more reliable.

Three year warranty for your customers' piece of mind.

Honda offers a full three year commercial warranty on all GX engines, 100cc and larger. We stand behind our product with an industry-leading warranty.

Top notch product development support

Our corporate team and our distributor partners are ready and willing to work with you. Whether you're looking at millions of units or a few hundred, you'll get quality support to fill your needs.

Rigorous application approval

Honda will work with you to make sure you get the right Honda engine to power your application – which leads to better customer satisfaction.

Honda's in house application engineers conduct a thorough review of every product powered by a Honda engine. We make sure the engine is operating properly in your specific application. This leads to a long lasting engine, which in turn, means you'll have a more satisfied and loyal customer.

With Honda on your side, you never have to worry if you've got the right engine. We make sure you've got the right model to supply your high quality power needs.

7 U.S. distribution centers for your convenience

Honda operates 7 distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States. This gives you quicker access to our engines when you need them.

Direct shipment from our factories is also available for larger orders, if you prefer.

14,000 dealers ready to help your customers

Our vast servicing dealer network has the tools and technology to take care of your customers' engine servicing needs, wherever they are.