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Zero-Emission Electric Power For Construction Machinery

The Honda eGX is an advanced electrified power unit that accommodates the needs of the construction machinery market to enable their equipment to be more compatible with usage environments that are considered difficult for engine-powered machines, such as indoor work environments and construction work near residential areas where lower noise is an important factor.


  • High-efficiency, high-power 3 phase brushless DC motor for maximum performance and reliability
  • Quick charging lithium-ion battery for maximized operational productivity
  • No fuel dependency saves time and money resulting in more efficient operations and improved long-term ROI


  • No routine maintenance eliminates servicing or costly downtime due to repairs
  • Single switch operation makes starting easy
  • Mounting compatibility with existing GX models help reduce OEM conversion costs to EPU


  • EPU allows for operation of equipment indoors extending use capabilities and saving the expense of a second unit, or additional time for manual work
  • Low noise offers expanded work hours and usage in noise restricted areas
  • Low vibration reduces user fatigue, providing a more comfortable work environment

Battery Power, Gasoline Performance

The high-performance motor developed exclusively for the eGX was designed to closely meet the performance output of a conventional GX100 and GX120 making it an ideal battery-powered option for existing or new engine applications within the 100 to 120 cc range.

Efficient Operation

Leveraging our knowledge in insulation, cooling and winding technology amassed from our long history in developing generators, the eGX power loss is minimized resulting in doing more work with less battery consumption than others of comparable size.

Quick charging battery

The use of high-quality lithium-ion 18650 battery cells assembled in series and in parallel provide optimal performance by producing approximately an 80% charge in one hour utilizing the supplied high-speed charger*. 

Meet the Family


GXE 2.0H

  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2kW Class Brushless Motor
  • 3600 RPM
  • Integrated Type Motor

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GXE 2.0S

  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2kW Class Brushless Motor
  • 3000/3300/3600 RPM
  • Separated Type Motor

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*Based on internal testing. Individual motor and battery/charger performance may vary from pre-production test units.